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Building the Future of Fan Experience with Facial Biometrics Access Software

Frictionless identity verification for safe, fast and convenient venue face access

Facial Biometrics Access Software

TrustPass cutting-edge biometrics access software is built to provide fast and convenient arena entry while ensuring a safe fan experience

Face Ticket icon

Face Ticket

Fans can link their face to the ticket during the purchase process. This functionality is enabled thanks to TrustPass remote identity verification which takes less than a minute. As a result, event organizers get rid of anonymized purchases, eliminating bots that drive secondary market.

Face Access Control System icon

Face Access Control

Connection of face with ticket creates a possibility for fast, convenient, and contactless venue entry. Fans no longer need to take out their paper tickets or phones. All they need is to be who they are and present their face to the camera at the gate. Just imagine walking into your seat in less than two minutes without the need to stop. This is the power of facial biometrics access control.

Ticket reselling or ticket swap icon

Ticket Transfer

Purchasing a ticket can often be an expensive activity. Many fans wait for months to snap tickets for their favourite teams or interprets to later find out they cannot attend. TrustPass offers a possibility to transfer these tickets where the recipient simply needs to complete the KYC process.

Secure, fast, and convenient onboarding

The entire KYC process takes less than 30 seconds during which fans are prompted to scan their identity document followed by taking a selfie. There is no need to take the photo, all is covered by our auto-capture features. After a successful facial verification, the fan has access to the venue and can enjoy an amazing and safe time!

Scanning the official identity documentation to check its validity, authenticity, and retrieve information for verification
  • Document Auto-Capture
  • AI-powered OCR for extracting ID data
  • Document Authenticity Verification
Arrow in the remote biometrics identity verification software logo
Opening up the selfie camera to verify the identity with a person using auto-capture and liveness features
  • Face Auto-Capture
  • Face verification with ID
  • Liveness detection to detect fraudsters
Arrow in the remote biometrics identity verification software logo
Identity verification successfully completed based on identity document and face matching
  • Matching faces to return a match score
  • Determining a successful KYC onboarding

Benefits of TrustPass Biometrics Access Software

Our solution is crafted with the specific needs of both fans and event organizers in mind. We understand the challenges they face and have implemented biometrics technology to effectively address them. Our vision is to empower organizers, granting them greater control over revenue optimization, better collection of customer data, and the assurance of a seamlessly memorable fan experience. Through our technological framework, we aspire to equip event organizers with the means to elevate their events, ensuring a distinctive and enduring impact on attendees.

Identify all attendees for a maximization of security and anti-hooliganism

Identify every fan to maximize security

Fans have to identify themselves to buy a ticket and have access to the stadium. Banned people will thus not have access, providing a secure experience for all fans

Reach up to 3x faster event access/long queues at sports events

3X faster event access control

Forget queues and unhandy barcodes. Trustpass biometrics access system lets fans enter at the snap of a finger, reducing entry point bottlenecks

Aftermarket ticket sales optimization

Aftermarket ticket sales optimization

Anonymous ticket purchases and unknown ticket transfers are no longer possible. We ensure a fair ticketing process without fraud or inflated prices

Personalize fan data for better marketing targeting

Leverage personalized data for fan activation

We connect purchasing behavior data to particular individuals, allowing for personalized targeting and increased revenue

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