Face access via turnstiles or barcode scanning

Complete Identity Verification for Face Access

Leverage the power of top-class biometrics technology for streamlined stadium face access

How It Works

Fans undergo the same purchasing process as usual with an addition of one extra step that takes about 30 seconds and links their face to their ticket, enabling face access.

Remote online user registration and seat selection

Fan purchases tickets via your existing ticketing solution

With expertise in AI and biometrics, our Fan Onboarding app is designed for customization and seamless integration. Choose and combine our in-house developed components to fit your unique needs and easily integrate them via API. It effortlessly enhances your existing ticketing provider’s capabilities, adding robust selfie and ID capture functionalities to your onboarding process.

Proceeds to KYC with Biometric Identity Verification

Scanning the official identity documentation to check its validity and retrieve information
Arrow in the remote biometrics identity verification software
Opening up the selfie camera to verify the identity with reality and the liveness of the person
Arrow in the remote biometrics identity verification software
Identity verification successfully completed based on identity document and face matching
Facial Verification and Liveness

Biometric face verification system ensures optimal selfie capture with preset quality checks and uses facial recognition algorithms for secure and accurate user authentication.

3D liveness detection utilizes neural networks to prevent identity fraud, discerning real users from prints, displays, and 3D masks, while ensuring fairness across all demographics.

Automated ID Verification

Our identity verification solution enhances security with seamless auto-capture, AI powered OCR, biometric verification, and fraud detection.


types of documents supported globally


seconds digital self-enrollment


fraud reduction in ticketing

Verified buyer pays for tickets and receives confirmation email

The confirmation email contains ticket details that serve for finding one’s seat and proving ownership of the particular game.

Pre-purchase fan verification serves as a precaution for bots that are no longer able to purchase tickets in bulk. This ensures that secondary ticketing companies can no longer benefit from aftermarket gains. Through face access, event organizers can ensure that people entering are genuine fans without stadium bans.

Transfer your ticket if you can’t attend

We can integrate face components into existing ticket transfer solution provided by the ticketing software vendor. This way fans can select to whom they want to transfer their ticket. The recipient will then be prompted to complete the same KYC process. Buyer織s face will be deleted from game database and the recipient face will be added ensuring seamless stadium entry process.

Payment confirmation and ticket details/ticket transfer
Face access via turnstiles or barcode scanning

Ticketless venue entry using facial biometrics access software

At the entrance, our system’s camera swiftly recognizes faces and matches them to the Identity Engine database, compatible with various camera vendors and setups. The identification is rapid, even with databases of tens of millions of faces. Customizable face access parameters allow only verified individuals through, enhancing flow and security.

Facial recognition icon

Frictionless facial recognition for gate security

Attendees list icon

Custom watchlist filtering with Access Controller

API integration icon

Integrates with current systems REST API

Swift and secure entry management icon

Swift, secure venue entry management

Why should you implement identity verification of fans with face biometrics

Face biometrics is a relatively new technology in the event industry; however, brings incredible benefits. More and more governments require institutions to verify their visitors, ensuring only eligible people are granted access. We believe that face-based access will be the future of entering events. The sooner you get on board, the sooner you will be able to provide your fans with an exceptional gameday experience.

Identify all attendees for a maximization of security and anti-hooliganism

Stadium security

Deny access to hooligans with stadium bans

Identify all attendees for a maximization of security and anti-hooliganism

Ticket reselling

Capture full portion of the secondary market

Identify all attendees for a maximization of security and anti-hooliganism

Ticket fraud

Prevent individuals from selling fake tickets

Capture personalized data about fans to better target marketing campaigns

Personalized data

Connect purchasing behavior to specific individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

We bring you answers to particular edge cases as we understand that every customer has individual needs.

Face Verification vs Facial Recognition

Face recognition and face verification differ in their application and user interaction. In face recognition, like in crowded places, the technology scans faces against a database without user knowledge or consent, mainly for security purposes. There’s no direct benefit or control for the individual.

Face verification is user-initiated and consensual, like verifying identity for a visa application using one’s device. It involves confirming the person’s presence and matching their face to an ID, offering direct benefits, and adhering to privacy standards like GDPR.

How do we comply with GDPR in terms of data processing and storage?

TrustPass is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the utmost security and privacy in data processing and storage. We use encrypted storage solutions and process data only with user consent, safeguarding personal information throughout our system.

TrustPass values user autonomy, requiring explicit opt-in consent for facial authentication and data processing, in line with GDPR guidelines, ensuring users are informed and their data is handled ethically.

What measures do we take when dealing with the biometric data of minors?

TrustPass strictly adheres to legal standards for minors by obtaining appropriate parental consent and limiting the processing of biometric data, ensuring enhanced protection for younger users.

How do we deal with non-standard or foreign identification documents?

TrustPass’s system is equipped to handle up to 1000 types of identification documents, utilizing advanced algorithms to verify non-standard and foreign IDs efficiently.

In case of system issues, is there a fallback option available for fans?

TrustPass ensures uninterrupted access with a digital ticket alternative, so fans can enjoy their event without disruption even if system issues arise.

Where can fans find game and seat information in a ticketless environment with TrustPass?

Fans can easily access game and seat information in the confirmation email sent after the verification and payment steps for a seamless event experience.

How do we handle situations where one individual purchases multiple tickets for a group?

TrustPass accommodates group ticket purchases by allowing the primary buyer to securely distribute links to each attendee to complete a KYC process, ensuring a streamlined entry experience.

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